Don't feed the Sharks

Don't feed the Sharks

I came across this click bait recently, and felt the need to rant about it.

As I sit here, no make up, unwashed hair (day 4), having spent all day in PJs (the benefits of working from home), blanket wrapped around my shoulders like an old Nana, I have a huge amount of sympathy for poor Christina.

Can you imagine what it would be like to go on to the internet to Google “how to make wine last longer” and you see your face staring back at you with this headline?

What’s worse is that it’s an AD for a “mortgage After Life”.  Who the fuck are they and how dare they write an article like this with absolutely no relevance to their product?

It’s just clickbait. It’s disgusting.  I will be totally honest and say I haven’t read the article. I refuse to click on their link and placate/reward them.  If I do I feel like I will be participating in the horror, rewarding their abusive, damaging opinion and accepting these societal standards as being acceptable.

It's not acceptable.  We should not tolerate this. Let’s be kinder people.  Let’s not propagate this kind of behavior and vicious salacious advertising by allowing it’s existence and giving it the attention it is so desperately craving.  I would much rather throw my support to the fresh faced Christina than feed these sharks.

If we ignore it, will it go away? Like that annoying ex-boyfriend that keeps texting you at 2am?

I really hope so.  What do you think about this Ad?  Is it acceptable to use this tactic to get customers?  By taking the bait, are we saying that it's OK to judge people or conform to societies unrealistic expectations?



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