Getting Yourself Up and Moving - Meet Tara

Getting Yourself Up and Moving - Meet Tara

Get Active

CBF - we’ve all been there and felt that mood!

"Hi", I'm Tara. I'm considered the OG (Original Ganster) Ambassador for CBF Clothing. You'll see my face regularly featured around the CBF website and socials, mostly due to being Tracy's friend, ally, and number one supporter (plus I love the clothes).

Isolation/lockdown in Melbourne had really bought out the CBF in me.

  • Getting out of my pjs for work - CBF
  • Exercising - CBF
  • Wearing a bra - Fuck that!!

But what I found was the CBFs were making lockdown much worse for my mental health.

I’ve struggled with depression in the past and in isolation I also struggled with anxiety which I haven't experienced much before. This took the form of frustration and agitation at the littlest things, zero tolerance, and struggling to sleep and feel relaxed.

I needed to do something to get myself back.

Getting on Top of Things

So whilst I rock my CBF Clothing, I now try and “be fucked” - get out and do something!

I now get out of my PJs and into my activewear, which usually involves my CBF “BS Free Zone” sweatshirt or CBF “Not Today” hoodie. I finish a day of work with Yoga in my CBF “Hot AF" yoga singlet and a walk with the dogs, When there’s sun I want that Vitamin D to help with the mental and overall health!

There is still an odd day here and there I still CBF... which is why we have wine, cheese and Netflix! It’s ok to CBF some days, but for your own health and wellbeing it's best to just chuck on a bra and get shit done!

Best of all, get it done with CBF Clothing.


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