Stand Tall and Stay Sweet - like a Pineapple

There's a lot of negativity, chaos and outrage in the world at the moment. It can be difficult to keep your cool, and keep your crown from slipping.  It's more important than ever to try and emulate the characteristics of a pineapple.  Here are some tips to help you stand tall and stay sweet.
Stand Tall and Stay Sweet - like a Pineapple

There's a lot of negativity, chaos and outrage in the world at the moment. It can be difficult to keep your cool, and keep your crown from slipping. Hard times and difficult people will be no surprise to you, but the toxicity and frustrations can take their toll on your mental health, and if you are not careful, you can find yourself also in the spiral of negative thoughts and doomsday scrolling.

But you don't want to fall into the trap of having a bad day, or even a bad week because it can be challenging to recover when it seems all around you is turmoil.

The world needs more positivity right now. We need good people. We need healthy minds because nothing can ever be resolved by bringing others down. There is no room for toxicity in your life... especially when the internet makes it so easy to vent and say anything you want without consequences. If only we could all just take a step back for a second and think about what we are typing before we press send, or if only we could ignore the trolls instead of engaging them, then maybe the world would be a much better place.

It's the little things matter, and your mind is something you need to take care of as much as your body. If you're feeling burnt out, or suffering from anxiety then it's important to remember that there are other options besides becoming a shivering ball of mess on the floor because life is too much.

Here are some tips to help you stand tall and stay sweet like a pineapple.

1. Take a moment to breathe.

You don't have to be in the midst of chaos or negativity for this to work, it can also be super beneficial if you're stressed about something, but any way works.

Find a quiet spot where you won't be disturbed for 5 minutes, sit or lay down and close your eyes. Take 3 slow breaths in through your nose, and count them as you exhale through your mouth.

On the third, hold for one second before letting go. Then let your mind wander. Don't try to think of anything in particular, just allow your thoughts to move freely until you can feel yourself settled into a calm state where you are ready to face whatever is on the horizon.

2. Get a regular good night sleep

This one is such an easy fix but we often don't think about it until we're too far gone and already suffering from sleep depravation.

Making sure you get at least 7 hours straight can make all the difference, and perhaps try incorporating a nap time somewhere in the day if you can fit it in. The mid-day “power nap” is the perfect way to recharge your batteries after a challenging morning. A short snooze will give you an energy boost and help with focus, mood improvement & relief from stress all at once!

3. Drink lots of water

We all know we should be having at least 2L of water every day. The majority of the population are dehydrated which is why we feel sluggish and tired. Getting in the habit of drinking more water will make you feel better in so many ways, not just for your skin but for your mind too. Staying hydrated helps keep you stay focused and alert, increasing productivity and overall concentration. Other benefits include improved digestion & immunity, and boosting energy.

4. Mind your magnesium levels

Magnesium is a magic ingredient that everyone needs but most people aren't getting enough of.  We all get rundown from time to time, which often leads to low energy levels and feeling tired or sluggish, so if this is you, it could be early signs of magnesium deficiency.  Other symptoms include nausea, weakness, stiffness, hyperexcitability and sleepiness. Magnesium levels have also been linked to assisting with depressive symptoms.

Magnesium levels can be easily checked via a blood test, and is usually treated with a supplement. Magnesium-rich foods include green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts. There is a potential to have too much Magnesium so it is advisable to check with your GP before using supplements.

5. Find your Own Fit

Find exercise or a physical activity that you enjoy, so you are more likely to keep doing it. Not everyone likes the gym or enjoys running, but try something different like a martial arts, Zumba, Pole Dancing or try hiking or Golf.

Or just get out and about in nature. It doesn't have to be during the busy workweek either, find somewhere that is accessible for you whether it's your local park or beach. Spending time out in the sun, whether it's having a stroll, reading your new favourite book or doing some yoga will make you feel strong enough to take on the next challenge.

6. Find the best diet for YOU (This has nothing to do with 'dieting'!)

For years we have been told about how best to eat by an endless list of self-proclaimed nutrition professionals, but not everyone's body is the same. We are constantly being bombarded with new information about what works and what doesn't, forcing us to start a diet plan which may work for a month or two, but then we reach a plateau and sink back into our old patterns. To be truly healthy - not just skinnier, but you know, feeling your best; means finding out which food works for YOU, but also being flexible and not restricting yourself from those foods you enjoy.

You might find just a small change in your food intake, like reducing dairy or gluten in your diet, reducing your meat intake or just eating at different times in the day, makes you feel you have the energy to take on the day.

Everyone has different needs, but fad diets are never the answer.

7. Look at your priorities

If 'self-care' is a foreign word to you, spend some time thinking about why that might be. Is it because you are caring for everyone else in your life and putting yourself last? Whilst it might feel like the noble or right thing to do, it can really take a toll on how you view in life and can chip away at your self worth and mental health.

Feeling good about ourselves should come first - no one likes a confrontation, but it is important to create healthy boundaries, and it's Ok to say no.  Putting your standards, principles and needs first will help you feel confident and in control.  Doing what makes us happy isn't selfish, it's an important step to feeling empowered and wearing your crown with integrity and self respect.

8. Be kind to yourself

The most important thing is to forgive yourself.  Chronic self-loathing or berating yourself for 'failing' will only lead to more guilt and is counterproductive.

We're all human, so forgiving ourselves for the things we are not perfect at is what makes us strong.  No-one gets things right every time.  It's perfectly Ok to fuck up sometimes and you are allowed to break a few rules, challenge opinions and expectations and tread your own path.  Be confident in who you are and what you stand for.  Know your worth, know you have an opinion and a place in this world and you don't need to make yourself smaller for anyone.

Resilience is about having a tough exterior and taking on whatever life throws at you, but not to the extent of a building an impenetrable barrier.  Vunerability is also a super power alongside strength and resilience, so be your true authentic self, unapologetically.  Stand Tall, Stay Sweet and wear that crown with pride. 


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