Find Your Fit

Whether you are seeking activewear because you are a gym junkie, a triathlete, or into yoga, cycling, running or dance, we have something for you. CBF can help you find the workout clothing that fits your lifestyle, even if you prefer to stay on the couch. 

We are constantly bombarded with "the right" way to stay healthy. You need cardio, but then you need to lift weights. You need to do HIIt sessions, but you need Yoga to combat stress, or is it boxing? ⁠

CBF Clothing has one rule for fitness. You HAVE to enjoy it, because if you don't, you won't do it.  Simple as that. If you CBF running then go for a walk instead. Can't hit the gym cause you have to look after the kids? Throw some music on (YOUR music, not the fucking Wiggles or baby shark BS) and dance like it's your first night at the club. If you don't know what to do, do ANYTHING. Just have fun, find your inner child, and don't give a fuck what other people think.⁠

So, whether you are trying to find yoga pants or gym clothes, sports shorts or running gear, we have the activewear to help you find your Fit! 


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