CBF Reviews: Zbones Bone Conductive Headphones

ZBones are designed to fit comfortably over the ears as the speakers rest on the cheekbones, directly in front of the ears.
CBF Reviews: Zbones Bone Conductive Headphones

When I was asked to try out these headphones I was sceptical.  Music for me is a key component to my running and general exercise routine, and I have gone through countless earbuds in the past and always seems to have gone back to the over ear headphones.

Iphone style earbuds don’t fit in my ears very well, and the sports style ones that wrap around your ears don’t wrap around mine.  Maybe I have Elf ancestory, I dunno, but the struggle is real. The ones that sit in your ear work fine for me, but I would occasionally get ear discomfort and pain.  The buds act like a plug, and perspiration and dirt can get trapped and potentially cause infections.

ZBones are designed to fit comfortably over the ears as the speakers rest on the cheekbones, directly in front of the ears.  They wrap across the back of your head, and once positioned don’t move or bounce.  There is also no cord to get tangled up in.  The charge can last for up to 6 hours playback, so I get a few workouts done without needing to recharge.  There is a warning sound when it does start to get low. Pairing them to your phone is super easy, and I think they look sleek and stylish. 

They have a built in microphone so you can make and answer calls, and they are sweat and waterproof.  What I was really impressed with was the sound.  Super clear and loud enough to feel immersed in the music, yet you can still hear traffic and the noise of what’s going on around you.  This makes them much safer to use on your early morning run.  No more excuses though for not saying hello to passers by on your walk though.  You can still have a conversation without pointing dramatically to your ears and mouthing the words “I can’t hear you”.

How do they work? 

Normal human hearing occurs when sound vibrations are transmitted through the air and with the assistance of our outer ears, travel into the ear canal (air conduction) and are captured by the eardrums and sent on to the inner ear complex for interpretation by the brain.  With ZBones, the sound vibrations emitted from the speakers are captured by the cheekbones (bone conduction) and travel directly to the inner ear complex and on to the brain for interpretation. In essence, the cheekbones become a second-set of eardrums, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from two different sources while existing in the same environment.

Why not try a pair yourself?  They are now available on our site!  You will be super impressed!




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