why saying fuck it is good for your health

We want to challenge you to have a Fuck it Day! That means you have a day when you just say Fuck it!  

why saying fuck it is good for your health

Research shows that saying fuck it is actually good for your health.  Trust me, I’m not just making this up. There’s actually science behind it.  In fact, there's even a medical term that describes this phenomenon known as “lalochezia." It means “Emotional discharge gained by uttering indecent or filthy words."

And no, I don’t mean that you should go out and start having unprotected sex with strangers (although I’m not gonna judge if you do). What I mean is that there are a lot of benefits to letting go and embracing your inner “fuck it” attitude. So why not let go of your inhibitions and embrace this healthy mantra? Here are just some of the ways saying fuck it can benefit your mind and body.

An experiment performed by Dr. Richard Stephens, a senior lecturer in psychology at Keele University, found that swearing can increase your ability to withstand pain.  Test subjects were able to withstand their hand emerged in ice water for almost twice as long if they swore while doing it.  It’s thought that this is due to it triggering adrenaline and increasing heart rate.

Saying “fuck it” give us a greater sense of power and control over a bad situation.  We therefore feel more confident in our abilities to tackle whatever comes our way.

Swearing can also help bond with friends and colleagues.  It gives them permission to also let their walls down. It helps show that we are open, honest, self-deprecating, easy going, and just plain fun.

Saying Fuck it when it comes to practicing self care, and allowing yourself to take a break, whether that be from a hard day, a strict routine or a difficult situation, makes you more productive in the long run.  The health benefits include increased circulation, elevated endorphins, and an overall sense of calm, control, and well-being.

We want to go one step further and challenge you to have a Fuck it Day! That means you have a day when you just say Fuck it!  

Most of us have been conditioned into believing that we have to be an adult all the time. We “gotta” do this and we “should be” going there and doing that, and being nice and eating like a rabbit and not looking like that but acting like this. CBF want you to take a day off from all that. In fact, schedule a regular “Fuck It” Day into your calendar, guilt, shame and judgement free.

There are two types of Fuck it days:

1) The Scary Fuck It Day - is when you say fuck it and embrace stepping out of your comfort zone.  It usually involves letting go of judgement of others, or judgement from yourself.  It might be wearing a new item of clothing you wouldn't normally wear, something you are self conscious about. It might be letting your inner child come out to play by trying a new hobby or activity that looks fun.  It might be embracing your inner rebel by doing something others might think is crazy, like skydiving or starting a side hustle.

2) The Indulgent Fuck It Day - is when you do something guilt and judgement free just for yourself.  Splurge a little on something you think you "shouldn't". Might even be as simple as having that first cup of coffee in bed or having a second.  Go for a massage, take a day off work for no reason or have that second piece of cake. 

Having a “fuck it day” is helping to release the stress of every day life. It's giving yourself permission to have a break from societal norms, judgement from others and expectations we pressure ourselves with.  It's about embracing your inner rebel and letting your child come out to play.  Just wake up, say “today is my fuck it day” and when it’s time to make a decision: “Fuck it” will be the Mantra for the day.

We would love to hear how you spend your “Fuck it” Day.  Drop us an email at CBFCrew@CBFClothing..com.au


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